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The VT BURNER is a Revolution in the Cooking Industry

Its patented construction and VT fins are unique to its design which maximizes heat absorption in the chamber and beneath the surface. Our burners are durable cast-iron components which are fully customizable to fit your needs.

VT Burner Product Line Provides

Superior Performance

In a wide variety of products

Our Process is Easy

Each Burner Can Be Customized To Fit
Your Specific Needs


  • Commercial Cooking
  • Residential Cooking
  • Outdoor Grills & more

All Products Are Made Of
Durable Cast Iron Steel

  • 2 Piece Easy Cleaning
  • Debris Protected Ports
  • Self-Cleaning Infrared Fins
  • Multiple Shapes and Design

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Visit our GAS SAVINGS CALCULATOR smart gen-next tool to gain access to savings of gas, energy and resources.

Our Range Top, Griddles, Woks, Charbroilers, and Stock Pot Burners Will
Improve Your Product Design For Tomorrow’s Business
Lower Fuel Costs
Even Heating

Its patented core design distributes more heat across the cooking surfaces.

Lower Fuel Costs
Lower Fuel Costs

Its patented fin technology improves heat absorption to reduce gas consumption.

Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions

Provide compelling features that benefit your customers’ bottom line.

Lower Cooling Costs
Lower Cooling Costs

Reducing fuel consumption will lower your kitchen cooling requirements.


Consuming less fuel will help the environment.



Learn More About Gas Savings and Rebate Programs
Gas Calculator