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We offer compelling reasons for customers to choose you over your competitors by combining innovative and cost-efficient technology that improves quality, increases market share and sky-rockets sales!

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“The manufacturing industry is an exciting space with sector-specific opportunities.” Ray

Almost every player in this industry confronts today’s business realities – shifting demands, regulatory pressures and intense global competition for customers, materials and talent. Business can be challenging, but it is also filled with rich possibilities! Let us show you how to develop New Technologies that will enable Product and Process Innovations

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  • Design New Product

    Design New Product Lines

  • Employ Innovative Technology

    Employ Innovative Technology

  • Develop Model Enhancements

    Develop Model Enhancements

  • Implement Gas Rebate Programs

    Implement Gas Rebate Programs

Our Burners will improve
your product design for
tomorrow’s business

  • Improve ROI – Reduce manufacturing costs of goods
  • Swiftly launch new products and stay in front of competition
  • Upgrade existing product lines to meet market demands
  • Enhance manufacturing capabilities
  • Build new vendor client partnerships
Ray Williams

About The Leader

Ray Williams

Ray Williams is a business professional with over 25 years of executive leadership in manufacturing and engineering. He has lead multi-million dollar organizations that include successful turnarounds, integrations, restructurings and numerous business contract negotiations. He is an experienced, Six Sigma Black Belt certified, innovative engineer with several patents to his name. Ray possesses an uncanny ability to conceptualize new products, redesign existing products and leverage the power of business analytics to uncover opportunities that improve business operations and increase sales growth potential. He develops partnerships that establish business systems and the best manufacturing processes in order to create brilliant products while expeditiously taking them to market.



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